Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy focuses on a holistic & integrative approach to your wellbeing, empowering you as an individual to manage your own path to healing and improved health & wellness. It can be used to treat existing mental and physical issues, but also as a self-care strategy for prevention and maintenance. Using the tools and practices of Yoga, Pilates, somatic movement and Ayurveda, we work together to create a program for longterm health.

Yoga Therapy sessions are conducted one-on-one in a clinical setting, involving assessment of your condition or goals, physical capabilities and lifestyle. Through collaborative work we will progress towards creating a program to help you achieve long term improved health, giving you the confidence & tools to be in the drivers seat as you work towards your desired goal.

Benefits of Yoga Therapy:

~ Reduce stress and improve quality of life

~ Treat chronic pain conditions

~ Improve quality of sleep and promote relaxation

~ Promote healthy food habits and lifestyle choices

~ Injury rehabilitation and condition support

~ Increase quality of breath and ease of movement

~ Improve strength and flexibility

~ Improve overall wellbeing

The practice of yoga therapy takes into account your individual experiences, situation, emotional attachment, history and ever changing circumstances. There is no “one method fits all” approach. Yoga Therapy treats the person, not the symptoms.

What you can expect from a Yoga Therapy session:

~ Identify health concerns or specific health goals 

~ Assess lifestyle and physical capability

~ Discuss reasons for seeking therapy

~ Work together to create a course of treatment​/therapy/program

The tools and practices used in yoga therapy may include:

~ asana (postures)

~ somatic movement

~ pranayama (breath awareness & techniques)

~ guided meditation & relaxation

~ mindfulness techniques

~ mudra (gestures)

~ lifestyle advice & self development guidance

You will walk away with a holistic program, which may include movement, breath & meditation practices, designed specifically for your needs.

To enquire about a yoga therapy program for you, please email